Franklin Street Stories

About the Project

The Franklin Street Stories project was an attempt to explore the intersection of oral history, journalism and new media, while capturing the stories of an iconic main street setting. Through a series of oral history interviews with Chapel Hill natives, it examines how adopting an interdisciplinary approach which utilizes journalism techniques and employs new technologies can make oral history more widely accessible and engage the public.

It's the characters that you meet and you see as you grow up. I'm sure you probably had ones equally as colorful in some capacity where you grew up, that you will remember. But that was just part of the fabric of Franklin Street at that time. It was a community.

Charles House

This project tried to capture and present the stories shared on this site in a way that invites others to think about their own relationship with Franklin Street. It is my hope that this phase of the project is not the end of a conversation, but the starting point for a hundred more. If oral history is about asking what you want to know, there are many things that a place like Franklin Street can tell us. Much can be learned from all of the "Franklin Streets," and this project offers a first attempt at how we might provide a medium for such public dialogues.